Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Settled in

So much to say:

I'll shorten it into 10 events of the day

1) I didn't sleep a wink on the plane (I've been up for over 24 hours)
2) Upon first glance, Copenhagen truly is an amazing city and it was SUCH a nice day today
3) My apartment is AMAZING, straight out of an Ikea catalog. I'm in a large room with 2 beds (I ended up having a roommates but it's okay i don't mind) and 2 HUGE windows that face the street
....... i'll put up pics later
4) I've met some really great girls who I explored the city with today, including getting stuck in a glass elevator (all of them from the southern east coast... georgia, north carolina etc)
5) Everything here REALLY is more expensive.
6) My whole apartment complex (3 floors, 8 rooms of all DIS kids) took a trip to the food store to buy food.... we all came back with nothing but cereal, eggs and beer.
7) Danish is REALLY hard to read and understand... making their transit system impossible
8) Already, I've been to the Stroget and to Nyhaven
9) I watched the Portugal/Spain soccer game on a HUGE screen on the harbor
10) Time change is weird, I don't know what i'm doing, when I'm doing it and how much it costs.

I start class tomorrow so won't have much free time but best time to skype me is like 6-7 my time... so like to 2pm your time.


I've successfully arrived in Copenhagen! It's 936am here and its already very warm.
Don't have time to type more, but will post again once i'm in my room!\xoxo

Thursday, June 17, 2010


For those of you who I haven't explained my adventure to, I'll be studying Textile design in Copenhagen, Denmark!
I'm going with the program DIS (danish institute for study abroad) and will be gone June 28th-August 17th.
What is a textile?
Technically, a textile is any fibrous material.
In my case, I will be designing printed textiles... the stuff you see on walls, couches, bedspreads and clothes.
for more info click here

I got really lucky and was assigned a double room, to myself, in downtown Copenhagen only a few blocks away from my school building!
Here is my location, and if you're enough of a stalker, you can even zoom in to street view and see the actual street i'm living on!

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Address: Skindergade 14

Room Number:112

Street name: Skindergade 14

Zip code: 1159

City: København K

Cellphone: +45 30973180

Email: annalee@uoregon.edu
Skypename: peaceloveak


american # 612.627.0140
danish # +45 3311 0144

danish address:

DIS Copenhagen Office
Vestergade 7
DK-1456 Copenhagen K