Thursday, June 17, 2010


For those of you who I haven't explained my adventure to, I'll be studying Textile design in Copenhagen, Denmark!
I'm going with the program DIS (danish institute for study abroad) and will be gone June 28th-August 17th.
What is a textile?
Technically, a textile is any fibrous material.
In my case, I will be designing printed textiles... the stuff you see on walls, couches, bedspreads and clothes.
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I got really lucky and was assigned a double room, to myself, in downtown Copenhagen only a few blocks away from my school building!
Here is my location, and if you're enough of a stalker, you can even zoom in to street view and see the actual street i'm living on!

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Address: Skindergade 14

Room Number:112

Street name: Skindergade 14

Zip code: 1159

City: København K

Cellphone: +45 30973180

Skypename: peaceloveak


american # 612.627.0140
danish # +45 3311 0144

danish address:

DIS Copenhagen Office
Vestergade 7
DK-1456 Copenhagen K

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  1. Hi Anna, Wow! I'm so impressed with your travel blog. Good to know that you picked exactly the right place to live, and the other girls had to come flock to where you are (what does that say about your ability to assess?).

    I'm so glad you put up a picture of the kinds of designs you will be studying. I didn't realize it was PRINTED fabrics, which would be completely different from woven fabric designs. I'm guessing there is some kind of math formula about how to size the printed designs, since the fabrics are usually around 55" wide, so repeats (unless they are full-sized and huge) are general half that, or some division of that. Not as clear about how to determine "down-the-roll" math--probably needs to be in yards or centimetres. Aren't you shocked at how much math you need to do for design? I certainly was (and continue to be).

    Love, Kathia