Monday, August 16, 2010

Finally, A picture

...a few actually.
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Here is my final print

Me on the rock wall at the "Rock Church" in Helsinki Finland. (if you look closely you can see that there is a sign that says NO CLIMBING... but like they say: you can take the girl out of the monkey but you can't take the monkey out of the girl... hmm you get the point)

Here is a picture of everyone in textiles on the last day (well not everyone, we're missing Danny our token male.. gay male that is)

Here is a classmate and I jumping off of a dock at Hvittrask Lake in Helsinki Finland. This was probably my favorite day on the study tour... no not probably.. it WAS my favorite day on the study tour.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

sad times

I've been dreading leaving since the day I got here.
I've really fallen in love with this city. I'm obsessed with the people, the fashion, the streets, the night life, the culture, the lifestyle... EVERYTHING.

There is no way I can't NOT come back here, so i've decided that i'm going to apply to the DIS internship program.

DIS offers paid, 13 month internships in various departments. They start in August or January so I'll graduate college and move back to Copenhagen for a a year, PERFECT.

I am excited to see people from home, move into the new apartment with my best girlfriends and have a great senior year. But I will think about Copenhagen daily.

Top 10 things I will miss:
2. Kulor bar on Thursday nights(my favorite place to go dancing)
3. Shopping on the Stroget
4. The Danish boy haircut
5. Yogi's ( really good granola and yogurt for $1)
6. Crepes everywhere
7. Biking everywhere and having the right of way
8. The dance music
9. Everyone I live with
10. Skindergade 14 (where I live)

Things I will NOT miss
1. The Cuisine, aka meat in everything
2. Spending so much money on EVERYTHING
3. that's about it.....

Things I haven't decided if i'll miss or not
1. Listening to drunk Danes out my window allnight&everynight
2. Not leaving the house on Thurs/Fri/Sat nights (or mornings?) until 12am and not coming back until 4am

Thursday, August 5, 2010

finishing up

I've printed my final textile. I'm so relieved!
I'm very happy with it, but do wish I had another week to develop it print it again.

Now we're working on developing a portfolio of our process and all of our samples. We'll have a group critique on Tuesday and on Thursday we'll set up our exhibitions.
I'm so excited to see all the final projects from every program but i'm also VERY bummed it's all coming to an end. I really can't imagine leaving this place.

This past week has been very low key, everyone is working really really hard and not too much socializing has been happening. I'm constantly trying to get people to do stuff but everyone is so busy. I find myself being very organized and on top of things, naturally, so i've had more free time than most.

Not too much to write about this time around. Although I'm looking forward to seeing everyone, i'm seriously dreading leaving. This is such an amazing place and I'm not ready to say goodbye!