Thursday, August 5, 2010

finishing up

I've printed my final textile. I'm so relieved!
I'm very happy with it, but do wish I had another week to develop it print it again.

Now we're working on developing a portfolio of our process and all of our samples. We'll have a group critique on Tuesday and on Thursday we'll set up our exhibitions.
I'm so excited to see all the final projects from every program but i'm also VERY bummed it's all coming to an end. I really can't imagine leaving this place.

This past week has been very low key, everyone is working really really hard and not too much socializing has been happening. I'm constantly trying to get people to do stuff but everyone is so busy. I find myself being very organized and on top of things, naturally, so i've had more free time than most.

Not too much to write about this time around. Although I'm looking forward to seeing everyone, i'm seriously dreading leaving. This is such an amazing place and I'm not ready to say goodbye!

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