Friday, July 30, 2010

Busy times

Yikes, so sorry I haven't written.

This is my daily schedule during the week:
9am-6pm class
6pm-8pm working in the studio or in the computer labs
after 8pm i'll usually make something to eat and then go out with friends.

SO EXHAUSTING. but totally worth it in the end

Weekends are usually reserved mainly for fun, lot so fun. I've been letting loose from my natural type A personality and having a great time on the weekends... (yes that means consuming abnormal amounts of alcoholic beverages). but we all work so hard during the week, we deserve it!

Haven't had much time for sight-seeing, but I also feel like i'm over that point in my trip. I soak up enough of the culture just riding my bike around in my every day routine.

All my friends and I just bought tickets to a Denmark vs Germany soccer game, should be tons of fun! A few of us also bought tickets to LCD soundsystem (i'm not the biggest fan) but it sounds like it will be a pretty big deal here so I didn't want to miss out.

As for school:
All last week we did screen printing, which I'm not the biggest fan of. I much prefer working on the computer.
Anyways, we got to expose our own designs onto the screens and had to mix our own colors (which was cool, until the color dried and turned out TOTALLY different than expected)

Right now, we're working on our final project (which is digitally printed, YES!) Today we did our first test print and I was really happy with mine (opposed to all my screenprints, which i was pretty disappointed with). I'll post pictures later.

Today is the first rainy day, feels like Portland. I got out of class early (for once) and am off to do some shopping... I haven't spent as much money as predicted, so, i'm going to spend it!


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