Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Yikes, I've been so busy! And keeping up a blog is really hard for me because I've done SO many things... they all just jumble together and I forget.

So to make the reading easier on you guys, I'll make another list of things i've done or that have happened the last few days.

Here we go:

1. I got a bike! I rented from a company that gives my program a discount. I was really nervous to ride at first but once I actually did it, I was quite surprised at how confident I was on the streets (even the busy ones)! In all actuality, I can walk basically anywhere in the city from my location, but having a bike is fun and quicker

2. The WHOLE DIS program when on a boat tour of Copenhagen, we saw all the famous buildings and what not. There are some really cool design concepts, that focus on building on what is already in the city rather than expanding outside of the city.
Take this building for example, it's an old mill? Well they just tacked apartments on to the outside of the building...

3. For 4th of July we had a picnic in Kings Garden, which is an AMAZING park. It actually looks like the garden of a King but is (obviously) open to the public. I'll have to go back and take more pictures of the flowers there! I've also been running here (almost) every morning, I couldn't think of a better place for a morning run
Here is a picture of most my group of friends on our Picnic

4. Currently there is a Jazz festival all over Copenhagen, I haven't really heard anything extraordinary but one of the venues is right outside our apartment, so it's really cool to hear throughout the day.

5. Yesterday, after getting bikes a group of us rode over to Christiania... click here if you don't know what this is. Everyone was talking about how you needed to be careful of your possesions, no pictures are allowed inside, don't do anything to stand out... etc. I was pretty nervous going in. But turns out... it's just like Eugene Oregon. I wasn't impressed at all, other than the fact that drugs are llegal there... it's nothing I haven't seen. I think the concept of the history is interesting but the physical place is just like an Oregon Country Fair experience, if that.

6. There weather has been in the 70's here and all the locals have been raving about how lucky we are to have this nice weather. It is beautiful (even though I prefer hotter) and we have been going to this really cool swimming spot called the Harbour Pools. The city constructed a pool in the middle of the harbour and made a platform to jump off of. So fun!

7. As for school, We've been doing a lot of brainstorming and sketching. We're getting prepared to start printing, but haven't actually done any. This weekend/nextweek we'll go on our Study tour to Stockholm and Helskini, visiting TONS of textile design factories. Once we return, we'll start printing digitally and screen printing... i'm Very excited for that.

That's all for now... I've got to run to class. I promise to update again before I leave on my trip!

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