Sunday, July 18, 2010

Back in Copenhagen and it feels SO good.

After a long week of traveling and a crazy weekend of reuniting with Copenhagen and all my friends (who were on different study tours), everyone has decided to take a (much needed) lazy sunday.

As promised, I'll update on all the cool places we visited on our study tour.
Here is a link to my friends and my picture site:
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Here is a list of all the places we visited:

-Ikea Headquarters
-Svensk Tenn (Josef Frank)
-The Nordic Museum
-Nordiska Galleriet
-David Design
-Designhouse Stockholm
-Modern Museum
-Architecture museum
-National Museum

-Myyrmaki Church
-Temppeliaukio (rock church)
-Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art
-Ivana Helsinki
-Design Museum

and a bunch of design stores in both countries.

We did all of this in 5 days, so we were VERY busy and jam-packed with information.

I had 3 favorites:
-The Sweden National Museum because it had every Product i've ever studied in class and MORE.
-The Hvittrask house because it was one of the most beautiful homes i've ever seen.
-Marimekko because... well it's Marimekko! One of the most established Textile design companies ever

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